Listen to RATTLEBAG, and pre-order NOW!

Guitar World is hosting a premiere of Ben’s new album, Rattlebag, for a limited time before its release. Be sure to check it out, and pre-order your copy (iTunes links at bottom of article):

From Guitar World:

“The album opens with the title track ‘Rattlebag,’ notable for a straightforward acoustic, riffy guitar intro that explodes into a full-blown rock and roll anthem. It sets the stage for an album of whispers, shouts, taps on the shoulder and slaps across the face (metaphorically of course!).

“Ottewell’s vocals are in excellent form, and the layers of piano, acoustic, electric guitar lines, organ, percussion and more are satisfyingly mixed.

“Ottewell’s mastery of the role of the guitar in his arrangements is clear here. From delicate arpeggiated riffs to full blown strums, lead lines, steel bends and more, Rattlebag is an inspired creation.”

Pre-order Now!

AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND (OCTOBER 24) || NORTH AMERICA (OCTOBER 27): Rattlebag is released in Australia & New Zealand October 24th through Cooking Vinyl and October 27th in North America via The End Records. Purchase here:

UK & EUROPE (DECEMBER 8): Rattlebag is released in the UK & Europe December 8th through Sunday Best Recordings. Purchase here: